About us
About us

  Qingzhou day son packaging materials co., LTD focus on production processing warehousing logistics handling tools、Container logistics、Packing materials、Workstation、Storage shelves, etc。At present our company can undertake a variety of large wood packaging and production。

  Busy days have exposure to the company's products with excellent quality and attentive service,In the drink、Beer、Food、Salt industry、Pharmaceutical、Tobacco、Chemical industry、Printing、Textiles、Machinery manufacturing、Warehousing logistics industry logistics system of a large number of applications。

  Because of your help,Qingzhou day's son have the confidence to produce various packing materials co., LTD、Efficient logistics tools and packaging,In return for your support。

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Qingzhou day son packaging materials co., LTD,Specialize in Wooden boardsWooden caseFree fumigation wooden casesFree fumigation wooden palletsClip boardPlastic trayExport wooden boxesWooden pallets And so on,Please consult our interested customers,Contact phone number:13606367762

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