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  Hua hin city jin future pharmaceutical co., LTD. Is in2002At the beginning,In the northwest of the original large state-owned pharmaceutical enterprise second synthesis pharmaceutical factory in the process of bankruptcy reorganization,By buying a portion of their land and ground by assets to private enterprises,Is one specialized is engaged in the research and development of apis and chemical intermediates production of pharmaceutical enterprises,Focus on the salicylic acid series products production and research and development,The registered capital1118Ten thousand yuan,The real capital1.5One hundred million yuan。, respectively2004Years、2010And the year2015Year by the food and drug supervision and administration of pharmaceutical enterprisesGMPCertification。……
Aspirin(Acetyl salicylic acid)
Aspirin(DC90Starch level)
Sodium salicylate
Salicylic acid methyl ester(Wintergreen oil)
Salicylic acid(Medical level)
Salicylic acid(Sublimation stage)
Salicylic acid(Industrial grade)
Ethylene glycol salicylate
Salicylic acid magnesium
Salicylic acid ammonium
Benzoic acid(Pharmaceutical grade)
Sanshui sodium acetate
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