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Xiamen Yi Er tong network technology co., LTD2005Years was established,Authorization is baidu company in xiamen、Zhangzhou、Quanzhou、Longyan、Huizhou、Shantou、Shanwei、Chaozhou、The general agent of meizhou。The business scope has a baidu search、Baidu through train、Baidu innovation center、Baidu marketing at the university;After 10 years of rapid development,At present, the company employees nearly one thousand people,Revenue up to hundreds of millions of yuan,Is committed to be south of fujian province、Minxi、The three regions of guangdong Internet word of mouth。At present our customer service center of xiamen、Quanzhou、Zhangzhou、Baidu customers in longyan, guangdong region“Consulting services”、“Open an account services”、“Key management ”To the“The effect of tracking report”To provide services。Let the guest…

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